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Our Story

We are a mix. We are young and energetic. We are senior and thoughtful.
We are a group of people who have a passion for Customer Experience.
More than a team, we are a community, that includes partners and contributors, all aiming the same… to help people and organizations to transform themselves to have the Customers in the center of everything they do.
We are …

It all started when our founder, Sergio Frias, in his childhood witnessed his father, Mr. Borges, interacting with his Customers and his staff. It was very clear that Storytelling was his secret weapon to get people involved on his ideas and objectives. A very successful executive, Mr. Borges positively impacted many people’s lives and his attention to his Customers made him standout within all the organizations he worked for. At the age of 10, Sergio was told by his father that “In Life, what is important is to have Stories to tell”. That was not easy for a 10 year old boy to fully understand, but as the family moved from town to town every other year, due to Mr. Borges career as a bank manager, this advice made all the difference. This is where CX Hub started to shape itself, in the mind and heart of our founder.

Many years later, Sergio was exposed to many different experiences in front of Customers and the lessons learned from his storytelling father, made a big difference on Sergio’s ability to deliver Great Customer Experiences.

After 20 years in the Aerospace industry, Sergio was invited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO) to become their CXO (Chief Customer Experience Officer). The invitation was made based on the recognition of Sergio’s ability and knowledge about this discipline, through his successful development and implementation of the NICE Program.

It did not take long for CIMMO to propose becoming CX Hub’s incubator, to bring to life an old dream and to format the delivery of a knowledge and the experience developed over many years, to individuals and organizations globally.

In November 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic, a leap of faith by our founder, pushed him to officially launch CX Hub Smart Consulting Inc., a Canadian company, with a Brazilian DNA. This means having the best of both worlds in one place. The Canadian commitment to Quality and respect for the people and their choices, coupled with the Brazilian flexibility to adapt to change. The Canadian focus on organized and purposeful use of technologies, going hand in hand with the Brazilian humanized approach to Service.

It is called a Hub, because this is a place where everyone can converge to find anything related to Customer Experience. It is called Smart because we want to make it simple for anyone to learn about the complexity of CX, but in a straight-forward manner. And, it is Consulting, because we don’t want to do the Transformational work on behalf of our Customers, but we want to help them understand how they can do it themselves.

But this is only the beginning of the story… we count on you to write the rest of this story …. Come join us … and meet our team.

Meet Our Team


Sérgio Frias

The Mastermind

Dr. Youssef Youssef

Counsellor - Strategist

Fabiana Frias

VP of Finance and Operations

Rachel Tran

Director of Marketing

Isabela Frias and Bruna Frias

The Communicators

Thiago Mendes

The Energizer