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The Experience Economy

The Experience Economy – Competing for Customer Time, Attention and Money B.Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore Harvard Business Review Press The Experience Economy, in its latest and revised edition (2020), draws a very interesting parallel between Business and …

Nos Bastidores da Disney

This book, like many others on the market, talks about what are the secrets of Disney that explain its long-term success and how it has become a benchmark in Customer Experience, but also in Customer loyalty. Among the various books …

Would You Do That To Your Mother ?

The “Make Mom Proud” Standard for How to Treat Your Customers Jeanne Bliss Portfolio Penguin I bought this book by its cover. It really caught my attention. The title is quite provocative. The reality is that the inside is even …

Psicologia Positiva

Psicologia Positiva Claudemir Oliveira Seeds of Dreams This book talks about Positive Psychology, but it is not a scientific treatise. Claudemir Oliveira, the author, is a Customer Experience expert who has devoted much of his career to his work at …

Customer Understanding by Annette Franz

This book is especially easy to read. Simple language, accessible concepts, great examples and well-structured content. The book has 33 chapters. The ideas are brought to you in pills that are easy and quick to swallow. It does bring some …

The Cult of the Customer

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The Customer of the Future

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