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Convenience / Make it Simple

How Convenience Can Improve Experience of Your Customer? Do you know 80% of American consumers state that convenience is one of the most important factors of a positive customer experience? Customer Convenience is a wonderful measure of the quality of …


CX Driver: Courtesy in Customer Service Do you feel more appreciated when someone say “hello” and welcome you when you walk in a retail store? How about when the reps listen with empathy and solve a problem you have, do …

Technology Working Well

Displaying Technology looks great for your business. It shows that you are modern and up to date with the new trends, until it doesn’t work. The use of technology is normally associated to elimination of jobs for the sake of …

Continuity / No Interruption

Great Customer Experiences require Continuity. The Customer cannot provide his/her identification 5 times to get what he/she needs.   Imagine that: you call the Customer Care lineto a SAC because the product/ service that you bought have some kind of …


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