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#6 Lack of Previsibility

Worse than waiting for too long is not knowing for how long you will have to wait. Customers tolerate better situations they can control.

#5 Unrealistic Expectations

Customers are very creative when it comes to creating Expectations. If you give them reasons to believe something you cannot deliver, you are in trouble. Nowadays, cCustomer expectations are off the roof. They sometimes have unrealistic demands that cannot be …

#4 Slow Service

Speed is the name of the game. Younger Customers do not want to wait. They need fast responses, just like the “like” on the Apps they use. Customers are faced with many brands competing for their business, therefore, they prefer a …

#3 Do not Deliver to the Promise

Promises are meant to be kept and fulfilled. If you cannot fulfill, then call the Customer, explain and negotiate another solution. Keeping promises with cCustomers facilitates trust and reliability. It should be one of the top priorities of a company …

#2 Lack of Attention

Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain again what you just said to the agent on the phone. One must pay attention to what the Customer says.   Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain again what you …

#1 Customer Following Up for Solutions

Customers should never follow up for solutions. You should do your best always to have an answer. If you don’t have it, go find and call the customer back, before he/she does. Your customer calls and tells you that he …

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