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Definition of CX


Janelle Estes

Chief Insights Officer UserTesting

“CX is how companies go to market and engage people with not just a product, but an emotional connection over the entire course of the relationship, with the goal of motivating and delighting people”


Chanice Henry

Editor-in-Chief CX Network

“As many industries enter an economy where consumers are becoming comfortable with switching brands, CX is now a vital tool in today’s business strategies. It is breaking free from obsessive business-first, product focused mindsets and maturing to live and breathe a Customer-first culture”


Sergio Frias

Chief Customer Experience Officer

“Customer Experience is everything the Customers go through while interacting with your Brand, Products and Services. Interactions that will create expectations and give rise to feelings and emotions that will cement memories on the Customers brains, which will ultimately drive the Customers thinking, decisions and purchasing behaviours, as well as the way they will promote your brand.”


Douglas Karr

CEO DK New Media Founder MarTech.Zone

“Your brand is one minor player in your Customer’s daily engagement with many brands. You’re not just competing with others in your Industry. Expectations of Customer Experience are made across the spectrum of every company that your Customer is doing business with. If you hope to grow. Improve retention and build advocates, you need to surpass the CX of every brand they are working with.”


Bruce Temkin

Customer Experience Matters blog

“The CX movement has taught organizations that they need to think of the people (yes, real human beings), who are their Customers. To better serve those human beings, many companies have moved from limited periodic research studies, to a continuous insights model, that is built on driving action based on how Customers think and feel.”


John Koetsier

“Customer Experience means caring. It means treating a Customer as a person, not a unit. An individual, not a wallet with legs. The challenge for modern brands is to do that on all critical platforms their Customers use, both digital and physical.”


Dom Nicastro

CMS Wire

“Do you know why Customer Experience is so important? Because Customers no longer care about being marketed to. It’s how you treat and help them after their initial purchase that will win you their Loyalty.”


Blake Morgan

Author and Forbes Columnist

“Customer Experience considers everything the Customer goes through – it’s everything the Customer touches, tastes, smells, hears, sees throughout the experience with the brand. What are they going to think or feel? It’s being almost obsessive about the experience the Customer has with the brand . The attitude of Ï want to be here”, rather than “I have to be here”