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All our CX Content in one place !

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Amazing Podcasts with our CX Hub experts and Guests, as well as third party Podcasts
CX icone - webnars


Webinars from our series “Chat with the Xperts”, discussing various themes of interest to CX Professionals
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Bright new perspectives about old issues that will energize the CX Professionals.
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Great examples of real life applications of Customer Experience, as well as good explanations about CX Topics
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Discussions about CX cases that help the learning process and challenge everything we believe we know
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My Courses Content

Pre-Recorded Classes, Master Classes, Reading Materials, Supporting Videos, Recorded Live Classes, Quizzes, Tests and more
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Learning Games

Using Games to Practice and Accellerate Your Learning Experience
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CX Goes to Hollywood

How about Learning from the Hollywood Movies ? The analysis of a few movies, about the CX content imbeded in them, so we can see and learn from them
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Books Highlights

You don’t have time to read all books to figure out whether they have what you need or not ? Try reading the highlights of the main CX books here.
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CX Drivers

Learn more in details what are the Drivers of a great Customer Experience and what it takes to do it right.
CX icone - cx killers

CX Killers

Understand the mechanisms that surround the killing of a Customer Experience and what to do to avoid them
CX icone - what would

What Would You Do ?

Scenario Based Discussions: Let’s try to understand what would have been a response to the scenario that would deliver a Great Customer Experience
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Partners’ Value

Here you can learn the Value Proposition of CX Hub’s main Partners.
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