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The concept on this program is to deliver in alternate weeks a full day of classes and a full day of consulting. The idea is to deliver one module, leave some homewok to be done and the following week spend a full day working to apply in real life the concepts taught the week before, than repeat this cycle 7 more times to cover all 8 modules.

Every week the teams involved will have homework to do and shall prepare the Action Plans to execute the required Transformation of the organization to the focus on the Customers.

The final deliverables are:
1) A group of people ready to take the CIMMO Assessment to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional;
2) A company aware of the transformation needs to become Customer Experience Ready (CIMMO Certified).
3) Have all the Action Plans in place so that when the plans are concluded the company can become a reference in the marketplace and being a Customer Experience Benchmark (CIMMO Certified).

Enterprise in its full scope is equivalent to 64 hours of Classes, including Live Concept Presentations (Virtual or in Person), Case Studies, Debates, Real Life Problem Solving, Other Methodologies Micro Classes and Games. Besides that there will be some materials to read and videos to watch during the team’s free time. To complete the course, the team will be devided in groups and a final project will have to be developed and presented to the rest of the groups.

During the 64 hours of Consulting that is also part of the program, the transformation projects will have to be created, structured and the Action Plans put together to guarantee the Return On the Investment (ROI) made by the company.

In total it would be 128 hours in content and guided work, delivered during 16 weeks.

As this program is really long and not all companies may be able to allocate so many hours of their people to the program, there are alternate formats to deliver the content, which can be customized to the specific needs of the company.

Enterprise in alternate formats can be the solution to compnies with less availability of team members, or a need for shorter term results.