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Dr. Youssef Youssef

Counsellor - Strategist

Youssef is a Professor and the Marketing Degree program coordinator at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Youssef’s leadership in Marketing Education and Student’s Centric Learning Experience enabled a transformation of the Marketing Degree program at the Faculty of Business at Humber thanks to the combination of his ability to develop relationships and his experience and knowledge about Marketing’s from an application perspective.

Youssef is also the President of CIMMO (Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario), where he walks the talk of the institution’s motto – Making the world a better place through Marketing.

The immense experience in developing business strategy and his unparalleled understanding of social evolution and the technological implications on the ecosystem transformation are a perfect fit for CX Hub to grow and remain on a continuous learning and development path, keeping its programs updated continuously.

He is a real Wizard when it comes to the use of marketing technologies in real life. He understands the functionalities of the different technologies and their role in the user experience, contributing to the growth of CX Hub and CIMMO second to none.

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