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Sérgio Frias

The Mastermind

Senior Aerospace Executive, with over 20 years in Customer facing roles, such as Aftermarket Suppliers Management, Customer Support, Customer Experience and Sales of Products and Services.

Sergio is a Chartered Professional Marketer and the Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario.

Experienced Speaker, he is now starting his journey as a Writer, translating his memories and knowledge into narratives for his book “Have a NICE day”, sharing all he knows about Customer Experience. His knowledge comes from his practical experience developing and implementing people and organizational development programs focused on the transformation to deliver Great Customer Experiences. This knowledge was proven in real life and through all his studies in this front of expertise.

Passionate for the Disney way of delivering the Magical Moments, he visited Disney Parks across the globe many times for the fun and as a learning exercise.

Fun with the family, by the way, is a very important part of this car enthusiast’s life and his most cherished activity is to bring to life opportunities to create life long memories for his kids, because he learned from his father, as a child, that “What is important in life is to have stories to tell”.

This man is truly a story teller.

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